At Melewka, we understand that effective construction management is key to delivering a successful project on time and within budget. Our Construction Management Services offer a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of your construction project. Here is a breakdown of what our Construction Management Services entail:


Preliminary Design Phase:

At the Preliminary Design Phase, Melewka works closely with the client and architect to ensure that the project design is on track to meet the desired outcomes. We provide input on constructability and cost, as well as develop and maintain a design and construction schedule. Our expertise in construction management ensures that every aspect of the project is considered from the outset, which helps to prevent any unnecessary delays or unexpected costs.


Construction Phase:

Once the design is complete, Melewka issues the documents to trades and suppliers for tender, and submits a lump sum project cost. We then manage all aspects of the construction process, including site safety, scheduling, budgeting, quality control, and subcontractor management. Our project managers are highly experienced and have a proven track record of delivering successful construction projects across a wide range of industries.


Post-Construction Phase:

After the construction is complete, Melewka continues to offer support to ensure that the project is delivered to the client's satisfaction. We provide ongoing maintenance and support services, as well as offering guidance on future expansion or renovation projects.


Our Construction Management Services are ideal for clients who are looking for a comprehensive solution to their construction project needs. By engaging Melewka at the Preliminary Design Phase, we are able to provide valuable input on constructability and cost, which helps to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget. Our Construction Management Services are flexible and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.




Construction Management

This chart demonstrates how the Design-Build method streamlines the building process and can “fast track” your project. While we’re applying for grading permits and working drawings are being finalized, foundations can be poured and decisions can be made about the building’s interior. 

The benefits to be gained by utilizing the Design-Build process with your Butler Builder® include--

  • Single-source responsibility
  • Project costs established sooner
  • Condensed construction schedules
  • More innovative solutions
  • Greater control
  • Team approach
  • More experience
  • Unequaled quality
  • Fewer changes
  • Improved risk management


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